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  • How I roll out my websites - gitlab, netlify, and others

    Static sites are the present day standard for web building. I publish this blog and my website using different static site generators and powered by git, gitlab, netlify, and other useful tools. Here’s how the whole thing works [...]
  • "Indian" by Balachandran Chullikkad (my English translation)

    This is the English translation of the poem “Indian” by Balachandran Chullikkad which appeared in Malayalam in Mathrubhumi weekly (Issue 41) [...]
  • Mind Bends

    This is a post that demonstrates that it is possible to make your mind serve you rather than be a slave to your mind. [...]
  • Mozilla India is Dead - Long Live Mozilla India

    Mozilla India underwent a restructure in Mozilla India Meetup 2016. This failed horribly and Mozilla India is still struggling in dark. Here’s a formal eulogy and possible hopes for future. [...]
  • Anonymous Feedback

    Riding on the Sarahah wave, the author invites constructive feedback from readers and acquaintances for personal improvement. [...]
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