posted on Mon, Mar 25 '19 under tag: tech

I have been a fan of i3 for a couple of years now. But today I heard about bspwm, took the plunge and has been extremely happy about the switch

The comparison posts did not help much. i3 and bspwm has almost the same features, except bspwm helps create smaller windows much easier than i3 (no more fiddling with vertical and horizontal splits). The only apparent con was that the documentation is sparse. But who cares?

Essential things to understand is that compared to i3, bspwm is even more minimal and requires a separate tool to capture keyboard events (sxhkd).

I looked around to find a couple of excellent workflows to emulate:

Based on these, the dependencies to install are:

Once you have installed and configured all the things, it should be working.

My dotfiles

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