posted on Wed, Jan 13 '16 under tags: knowledge, mozilla

When I take part in conference calls, or attend an event, or even just have an interesting conversation, I try to take down notes.

This helps in multiple ways.

It comforts my impostor syndrome. By documenting what I learned/heard/experienced I am opening up the same experience (at least in a limited way) to anyone who should have been in my spot.

But, a welcome side effect is that, others can actually use my documentation to gain the experience they missed. And this is important.

People might feel and fear a sense of incompleteness when they do not know what happened in an event and what they missed out. Very often, they would not have missed a lot because the event was about what they already knew. But because you don’t know what you don’t know you can never know. And documenting something helps knowing what you don’t know and going after it, if need be.

Writing about anything lends you clarity. Vague thoughts get crystallized into fully formed thoughts when you try to explain them to someone else.

If you can actually give your documentation a permanent URL, it turns more solid. You can thus turn random brain waves into solid ideas sparking conversations and action.

An idea documented is an idea generated.

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