posted on Fri, Mar 22 '19 under tags: art, code

Report on a live coding workshop I attended today

As I’m writing this I’m attending a workshop on live coding.

We started with the instructor’s blog post with live coding functions on hydra.

We also looked at an awesome list for live coding. I ran hydra locally for my purpose.

We quickly went through how to run functions, and one by one these functions were introduced:

At this point, this is what I came up with

frequency = 10
sync = 0.2
saturation = 1
pi = Math.PI
rotate = pi/4
rotation_speed = 0.2
scroll_x = 0.2
osc(frequency, sync, saturation)
  .rotate(rotate, rotation_speed)
  .scrollX(0, scroll_x)
  .rotate(-rotate, -rotation_speed)
  .scrollY(0, -scroll_x)

We talked about @hydra_patterns, estuary

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