posted on Thu, Dec 19 '19 under tag: tech

Netbeans won’t start in ArchLinux if you are using xdm or xdm-archlinux because of xdm messing up with the PATH variable. Here is a fix

If you tried installing netbeans and it did not start, giving this error: Cannot read cluster file: //etc/netbeans.clusters then this fix is probably for you.

This happens because netbeans is relatively loading the clusters file and for some reason, you’re running netbeans from /bin/netbeans instead of /usr/bin/netbeans.

ArchLinux users should not have /bin in their path.

But who put it in your path? If it is not you, if it is not zsh, if it is not any other files in your /etc/profile.d, it maybe your xdm.

xdm (and by consequence, xdm-archlinux) automatically sets to /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/ucb without asking anyone.

The way to override this, is by editing /etc/X11/xdm/archlinux/xdm-config and adding this line


The line sets the userPath to /usr/bin thereby rewriting the default which includes /bin. It maybe possible to set it to empty and let /etc/profile do the correct job of setting the PATH, but I did not try.

Log out and log back in, netbeans should start working. Do a echo $PATH to see if /bin is still there.

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