posted on Sat, Jun 09 '18 under tag: life

Be like Sun. Keep shining

The other day I was talking to Dr MAB over a cup of tea and he asked me “Are you teaching others around you what you have learned?”

I said, “If they show at least some interest”.

Then he said something that changed the way I look at almost everything in life.

“Why should you bother whether they are interested or not? The Sun doesn’t stop shining arbitrarily. If you are like the Sun, you just keep shining. You never know what is going to click on others and when someone is going to change.”

Valid thought!

Why do bloggers write even if they have none or few readers? It’s what they do. They blog.

Take YouTubers, programmers, doctors. Nobody stops doing their shit because there isn’t audience or beneficiary.

Neither should I stop spreading the knowledge I have gained because the audience seem disinterested.

Be like Sun. Keep shining.

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