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FOSSMeet is an annual event at National Institute of Technology, Calicut for promoting Free and Open Source Software.

This is the notes from my session titled “Getting Started Contributing to Mozilla”.

We aren’t paid to work in Mozilla. Then why do we still contribute to Mozilla?

Because of Mozilla’s mission. Our mission is to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web.

It is easier to understand Mozilla’s mission if we look at the Internet as a large public resource. We have built everything conceivable on top of the Internet - communication, social media, e-commerce, banking, ticket booking, education, grocery shopping, food delivery, what you can imagine, you can build. Being such a powerful and useful public resource, there are multiple predators for the Internet. The Internet gets polluted in many ways. It gets attacked by many.

Internet Pollution

I call it Internet pollution when something is bad for the Internet.

Mozilla protects the Internet from this pollution.

We keep the Internet a place where things can happen, where you and I can create a website today and make it usable today, where everyone is equal, a place of our dreams.

Mozilla Manifesto

At Mozilla we believe in a set of principles and values. Read the mozilla manifesto.

If you agree with our principles, you are a Mozillian!


There are a hundred ways you can contribute to Mozilla. I’ll outline the most important and impactful ways to do so.



Please form a Firefox Club in your college

Communication Channels

We have a lot of communication channels in Mozilla. Please join the chat at these very important places:


There are two important tools you need to get acquainted with

You can always reach out to me at

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