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What happens to you when you go to medical school for 5.5 years

As of this week, I’m a registered medical practitioner of modern medical system under Karnataka Medical Council and I am legally qualified to practice “Modern Scientific Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology”.

What does that mean?

It means that I have finally finished one of the two degrees that is compulsory to live in Kerala. I did my MBBS from Mysore Medical College & Research Institute - a college that everyone respects only for how old it is. And I learned there the art of talking with people with ailments of various kinds, extracting crucial details from them that gives away the possible reasons why they’ve developed those ailments, and the knowledge of managing and alleviating those ailments based on those details. I can help you feel better when you have fever, assess babies’ growth and development, conduct deliveries, stitch together gaping wounds, help you achieve control of diabetes, hypertension, etc., and give a lot of advice on healthy lifestyle.

What does that not mean?

It does not mean that I have become an expert in anything that has got to do with the human body. I rely on a large amount of textbooks and other sources to figure out how things work. There are only some concepts in medicine that can be used to ‘derive’ further knowledge. Therefore, unlike a Mathematician or a Physicist, I cannot speak authoritatively on subjects that aren’t explored by my resources. I cannot say whether keto diet can prevent cancer. I cannot confirm or reject a diagnosis over WhatsApp chat. I cannot magically cure illnesses. And I haven’t yet reached the observational skills of Sherlock.

Will you quit programming?

No, programming has always been a hobby for me and it’ll continue to be.

Why did you become a doctor?

Because I wanted to be a polymath. And it turns out the things that doctors do are the most difficult to be an autodidact in. Most other things can be learned online as well as in a college.

What next?

I’ve achieved disillusionment about wanting to change the world in one swoop. Therefore, no health tech startups immediately. I will probably be joining a good hospital and working for about a year to gain some experience and exposure. Meanwhile, I’ll be ready for opportunities. And let’s hope something good comes out of it.

Can we talk about <insert anything here>

Yes. You can contact me and we can talk.

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