posted on Sat, Sep 30 '17 under tag: self-help

This is a post that demonstrates that it is possible to make your mind serve you rather than be a slave to your mind.

It is more than an hour past midnight when I am writing this and I am very sleepy. I have been sitting in front of my computer for more than 4 hours now and my eyes hurt. I was thinking half an hour ago - I am so devoid of energy now there is no way I can do anything productive today, definitely not going to be able to write a blog post.

And then I thought. Is it really true? If I really wanted to, would I not be able to do a blog post now? Does mind really run out of energy?

I figured out the answer. It would be possible to do whatever we wanted. If I wanted my mind to shut up and focus I can focus!

If I want to write a blog post after having shut down the computer being so sleepy, I can write it.

All it takes is the knowledge that mind is really just a slave to our will power. It will obey whatever we command it to. But if we leave it to itself, it will take over us.

So, here is the proof.

A brand new blog post. Powered by will power. And crafted by an obedient mind.

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