posted on Thu, Jan 19 '17 under tag: social

A thoughtful comment is one of the greatest rewards a blogger can get

I’ve been blogging for more than 8 years by now. Blogging helps me document my thought process and solidify my thoughts on any topic.

I love playing with ideas. I even have the audacity to call myself a “thinker”. Blogging helps me immensely in this process. When I write I think harder. I even make connections between my thoughts and find new insights.

But writing would be incomplete without reading. It would be disappointing if nobody ever read what I write.

That is where comments come in. Commenting is the most sincere form of appreciating an author. It says that you read the article and the idea occupied your mind for a few moments and it moved you enough to make you type out a response.

How to comment on this website

By now you should be pointing fingers at me since this website doesn’t have an embedded comments feature. That is because I want to encourage long-form comments. You can of course use social media accounts to share and comment on my articles. But, it feels very different when you put in a great deal of more effort and write a larger and more permanent response in your own blog or webspace and then share that link to me.

So that is it. If you want to add a comment here, just let me know after publishing your comment on a permanent URL. I’ll go through your comment and possibly edit the relevant articles to include your thought.

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