posted on Tue, Jan 22 '19 under tag: life

If you are someone who likes many things, there is a good chance that you get distracted and end up doing nothing that you like. Deciding to focus on a few things at a time can be useful

I did an exercise of deciding to set my mission and priorities for 2019 yesterday.

My mission for 2019

Improving healthcare through evidence based innovation, especially technological innovations, in primary care and public health; and facilitating the same for others through services, advocacy, research, and training


  1. Co-lead practice innovation and scholarship in the family health center.1 Scale-up primary care services, advocacy, research, and training (through partners wherever necessary and/or possible).

  2. Establish and lay the ground work for AFPI National Center for Primary Care Research and Policy.


These require a lot of work to be done. My task list is constantly evolving. A rough estimate of how time needs to be spent, for now, comes in the ratio 14:8:3 for clinic based work, writing work, and professional tech work.

  1. I have not written about it yet. PCMH is going to soon start a family health center at a new location. 

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