posted on Wed, Jan 13 '16 under tag: social

I often find myself talking about the same things again and again with different people. And I sometimes have ideas that I feel proud of. Very often, I feel like what I just told someone in a private chat needs to be heard by the whole world.

Till a few weeks back, I used to have just my primary blog to write posts on and since I have committed to keeping it high quality, I would not be posting random thoughts there.

But then I started this social feed and discovered this freedom to write in long form about any thought that comes to my mind. There is no character restriction, there is no worry about the content getting lost in a flurry of other noise. The URLs are easy to remember and controlled by me.

And now I am beginning this new experiment, of using posts to chat.

Instant Messaging has the advantage that it is synchronous and fast. But that comes with the disadvantages of evanescence, poorly thought out-edness, and generally less productive use of time.

Yet another advantage of communicating through posts is that I spend less and less time on chatting. (Yes, no matter how careful I am about time, each message I send takes at least 2 minutes).

And now I invite you to communicate through permanent URLs.

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