posted on Thu, Jan 19 '17 under tag: social

Why every thought must have a permanent URL

Karl Dubost writes about the importance of sharing and archiving when working in his blog and lists down many upsides of doing so.

I have previously written about using blog posts to chat and Karl’s post made me think again about how cool it would be if every idea that every person has is documented and permanently stored on the internet.

For one, it improves visibility of people. The internet is searchable while someone’s mind is not. The ideas trapped in your mind are not useful to anyone else. But the ideas you jot down on your blog might attract someone searching on the topic and they might get in touch with you forming potentially an interesting relationship.

And these are conversations you would never have had in the first place. Because who knew? Jotting down ideas in public is the best way to communicate with people even in your absence.

Moreover, your idea might spark something new in your reader.

So, document everything!

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