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As is usual, new year is an opportunity to restart things and start fresh things. Here are some fresh things from my life.

My Life

I have joined Metastring foundation which is a non-profit where we work on building technology platforms that have impact on public health, environment, etc. After almost an year of running around and doing many things, it feels very good to sit down and get some deep work done. I will hopefully be writing more about this in the coming newsletters.


The thing I’m happiest about is that after the first issue of AFPI Karnataka Newsletter with me as the editor has come out. My focus for this issue was only to get the entire thing online. From next issue onwards I will make sure the editorial team get much more content.

In the same issue, there is a message about the rural sensitization program and the travel fellowship in primary health care which you must absolutely check out if you are a young doctor who want a fulfilling career.

I wrote two lessons for young doctors in Lessons One Should Learn From Shehla Sherin’s Death on my medical blog.


I uninstalled WhatsApp and deleted my account on it. Various reasons I did that. Now I can start fixing the world


That newsletter I was talking about in the beginning of the mail, is entirely built in gatsby and you can check out the source code here. Gatsby is a fun static site generator if you are comfortable with React.

I am (finally) learning Java (thanks to some legacy people at Metastring). It is a huge learning curve and no matter how fast I’m going, there is still a climb. I picked up a few books to level up the game and builder pattern is the first thing I wrote about.

I might switch to Kotlin by the time I see you again. At the same time, I’m exploring Elm to replace React.


I read these books recently


If you live in Bangalore, get a BMTC bus pass. I did and it is absolutely the most convenient alternative to destroying the environment.


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