posted on Sun, Apr 02 '17 under tag: social

Clothes differentiate humans, fortunately or unfortunately. Imagine a lady dressed like a tribal woman in an old sari, ornaments, and wrinkled face. Our brain makes a “natural” association between this woman and an illiterate woman. Now she starts talking in English about her experience or experiments in uplifting society. Your mind is blown, and that is Daya Bai

As a volunteer at Kilter, I’ve met countless people and had numerous interesting conversations. One of these conversations, revolved around inspiring people. And that’s when Shreyas Kutty mentioned his ‘mind=blown’ experience meeting Daya Bai at an event.

Born in a Christian family in Kerala, Daya Bai felt something missing in life and tried becoming a nun, lawyer, and a nurse(?). But she finally became a social activist and had experiences similar to Dr Balu’s.

Anyhow, interesting person.

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