posted on Wed, Aug 01 '18 under tag: knowledge

Documentation Driven Learning is the counterpart of Test Driven Development in learning

I was reading about test driven development when I got this idea. The only way to make documentation of what we learn complete is to make documentation tightly coupled with learning.

In that sense, I can derive a few rules of DDL.

  1. Before you can learn anything, you must write down what you are going to learn.
  2. Read only enough to learn what you have written down that you want to learn.
  3. Document what you have learned and then continue from 1.

This way, if I have to learn something I have to know why I want to learn it and what exactly is it that I want to learn. It forces me to think about what is going to be learned and focus my efforts.

While learning, this focus helps me to quickly learn what I set out to learn.

After learning the documentation serves as notes for future reminders as well as for anyone else who might come in the way later.

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