posted on Thu, May 11 '23 under tags: productivity, experiments

What if you could read twice the books in half the time? Would you practise a new skill?

Speed reading is controversial and complicated. But being able to read fast is undoubtedly a useful skill to have, just in case.

I had read a speed reading book when I was in school. That was the last time I intentionally thought about the subject, till yesterday when I was asked to document how I read.

There are a few things from “speed reading” that has helped me to read fast. And then there are a few things that I’ve discovered on my own. I will write about both of them in this post.

Speed reading “official” techniques

These I found in book:

My insights


In essence, speed reading is about intentional reading. It is about focusing on reading as a way to assimilate information, rather than reading for the sake of reading. And it is about cutting the cruft from our reading behaviour. There’s no controversy or cheating in that.

Footnote: I started writing this blog post using ChatGPT. But then I started feeling nauseated by how different it was from me. So I deleted everything and wrote this myself.

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