posted on Mon, Nov 28 '16 under tag: movies

When I went in for Dear Zindagi, I didn’t know it was a Shah Rukh Khan movie. But my unsettled mind became alright when I saw Alia Bhatt on the screen.

I was not going to write a review till I read The Ladies Finger review. (For the uninitiated, it is always a good idea to hear from TLF where they apply some tests like Bechdel test to rule out any anti-feministic values in the movie.)

But like many other Bollywood movies, the “strong female” character in this movie got reduced to an incredibly successful woman with an objective view of sex. To be more clear, it is easy to portray a “strong” female character when she is financially stable, very talented, has a circle of people who respects her, is attractive and desirable. And like And therefore I didn’t like the movie in the feministic sense.

But the acting of Alia Bhatt was simply too good. Also, there’s this one particular scene in which Dr Jehangir Khan tells Kaira about relationships (something like this):

The problem is that we expect everything from a single relationship. Why can’t we have one person to have coffee with, one person to read books with, a musical relationship, a philosophical relationship. If we stop expecting everything from one relationship, we can be happy!

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