posted on Sun, Nov 15 '15 under tags: mozilla, events

I was studying for what will probably be my last internal when Abhiram pinged me saying he’s in SJCE and I saw this tweet from him as proof.

Tuxedo ‘15 is IEEE SJCE’s odd semester technical fest. And it is about open-source software.

Apart from Firefox OS app day, they had workshops about git and blender as I came to know later.

So, I dropped my books and ran to the venue after lunch. I ran straight to the CS block hoping it’d be there, but I had to call Ashwin to find out the actual venue (which was in admin block).

At the venue, everyone had just came back from lunch as I said hi to Abraar and Abhiram. There was Sandesh too whom I’m meeting for the first time. Sandesh is a researcher who works on server-client stuff.

Abraar quickly talked about CSS selectors and afterwards the audience divided into groups to start working on an app.


The audience had a fair share of beginners and people more experienced with HTML, CSS, and javascript. They were more used to C, from what I heard.

Problems faced

Bugs faced

Interesting apps coming up

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