posted on Sat, Aug 04 '18 under tags: video, vlog

How to use your android phone as video source for OBS

I was recording a video for my youtube channel today and the background noice was incredibly loud. I did not want to set up noise cancellation software on pulseaudio just for this. I knew if I could record sound from my phone it would be much cleaner. This is what I did.

IP Web Cam

IP Webcam is an incredible software for Android. It has umpteen features and amazingly well thought they are.

You set it up, start recording video and audio.

If you connect your phone to the computer with USB cable, the lag issues will be resolved. (Use USB tethering)

Video capture

So I initially tried setting up window caputre of VLC, but that did not work because the media source would freeze when I switch to another window (I’m using i3 window manager and I’m sure this must have something to do with this problem)

Then I tried adding media source in OBS itself and it fantastically worked.


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