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What I commit to for Mozfest. This experience will help me move closer to my 2016 goals for empowering contributors and facilitating quick learning.

This is an experiment. I believe in open learning and that any knowledge that exists can be attained through the Web. Fortunately, I have got a chance to test that theory against knowledge obtained through an intense experience like that of MozFest

Most of these experiences depend on the corresponding session in MozFest. But since there’d be too much going on in MozFest for anyone to facilitate remote participation, many experiences will be experienced after MozFest by catching up with participants. I’ll try to design alternatives to sessions wherever possible.

Primary Pathway

The pathway that resonates with my personal goals the most is scaling participatory learning experiences. I want to figure out ways to best engage learners and tools that allow them to create experiences for others. The following things must be explored:

With these, I hope to

Other Sessions

Post-event Blogposts I’m Looking Forward To



Conversations I should have before MozFest

Conversations I should have after MozFest

Making Up for Things I will Miss Out

There are multiple sessions that are specifically targeted at participation leaders which I will not be able to attend. After MozFest I should ping other participants and figure out what happened during these sessions.


Since I have all the Time


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