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Did you know there is a CSS media query called prefers-color-scheme that websites can use to switch to dark mode automatically? How about going fully dark in Gnome Shell and Firefox?

I was reading Smashing Magazine’s article on implementing dark mode using styled components in react and I saw that StackOverflow has recently made it a feature. There is a nice blog post by them on how they actually developed it starting from design mocks.

I immediately logged into my stackoverflow settings and found that there were three options.

  1. Light
  2. System
  3. Dark

I could get done with dark, but what does “System” do? How do we make the system tell we prefer dark mode?

In Android 10 and above there is a quicktile toggle to switch to dark mode. But, is this possible in Linux/Gnome Shell too?

I did a quick search and found a neat article on how to switch to dark theme in Gnome Shell. It essentially boils down to switching to “Adwaita-dark” theme using gnome-tweaks.

And there I had it. Stackoverflow was dark as per system theme.

In Firefox themes, there are again 3 options - “Default”, “Light”, and “Dark”. If you choose “Default” it automatically chooses the system’s dark/light.

As Aaron Shekey says on the SO blog, though, it is pretty difficult on the eyes to have everything in dark, especially web content.

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