posted on Tue, Jan 12 '16 under tag: social

For the past 10 days I was home, tending my parents’ kitchen garden and doing other chores. I was so consumed and the days would fly so fast that I skipped many conversations on Telegram, Slack, Email, etc.

What is interesting about that? People skip conversations all the time, don’t they?

Maybe people do, but not me. In the preceding months, I used to not skip any chat message. I would read all messages, click open and read links posted. And unless I had nothing to speak, I would even leave a comment in response. Even when I was having exams in my college.

But no, this is not about how I lost the obsession to read through all messages. I lost that obsession way earlier when I joined too many liberbot groups around 6 months back.

This is about my realization that a lot of conversations do not matter and are not worth putting time in.

What are the characteristics of messages that I wish I hadn’t received?

This is also about looking at conversations in a different way.

What are the characteristics of messages that I wish I received more of the same kind?

On that latter note, this book called Dealing With Disrespect does an excellent job of helping you discern content from tone and engage more productively with critical comments.

Applying reciprocity laws, I figured out that I should send a message out only when I would have loved to see the same if someone else had sent it. Turns out there is very little for me to say these days.

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