posted on Sun, Nov 27 '16 under tag: life

This is what they say.

When you are 6, “Go to school”.

When you finish 10th standard, “Join science stream”.

And not to forget, “Enroll for entrance coaching, preferably for both engineering and medicine”.

At the end of 12th standard, “Join either an engineering college or a medical college”.

If you choose engineering, “If not Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science or Electronics and Communication, everything else is risky”

If you choose medical “Go for BDS if you can’t get MBBS”

When you are done with MBBS, “What coaching center are you joining? Which post-graduation degree do you want?”

If you say Paediatrics, “Hmm. Paediatrics and Medicine PG degrees are useless without super specialization”

If you say Psychiatry, “Hmm, you won’t have a roaring private practice, but that is interesting”

If you say Community Medicine, “You have no future in community medicine other than joining a college as a professor”

If you think of a diploma, “Hmm, diploma holders will have lesser chance of promotions”

If you say IAS, “Wow! What coaching center are you joining?”

And meanwhile, “When are you getting married? Are you buying a house? Where do you want to settle?”

PS: Planning on buying a car? “Diesel cars are cost effective, but maintenance will be a problem.”

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