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I’m Akshay S Dinesh (asd). I live in the Internet. I love learning. I am a doctor. In my free time I code, I fight for digital rights and I advocate free software. You can read a more detailed biopic on my wikipedia user page. You can also read an old version of about me from my blog.

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I do not believe in CVs, but apparently it is important.




Informal Education

PCMH Restore Health, Bangalore

Primary Care Physician (August 2018 - present)

As a primary care physician, I am learning to provide primary care. You think primary care is easy? Think again. Primary care is managing 4 different chronic illnesses (all deadly on its own) in a patient who is taking multiple drugs for each and then responding to an acute illness which has to be seen in the context of the patient’s previously known illnesses. Hospital based secondary or tertiary care can often miss this important context. Therefore, questions like “Should we do an angiogram though ECG is not very suggestive?” are easier to answer for a primary care physician who knows the patient and their family and community closely. Okay, enough of that. I am learning how to manage HIV, diabetes, tuberculosis, hypertension, thyroid dysfunction, heart failure, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, hepatitis, syphilis, etc.

Public Health Consultant (September 2018 - present)

I have been helping many health researchers set up their projects. Data collection, management, and analysis

Infinity+Beyond, Bangalore

Programmer (January 2018 - present)

I do all kinds of things here - system administration, backend api development, SMS gateway integration, frontend interface development, algorithms for optimizing service.


Mozillian (March 2014 - present)

Being a Mozillian has changed my life quite a bit. I was and is deeply in love with the open web. I have interacted with some great people. I constantly stayed in touch with the tech community through Mozilla.

Traditional Education

National Law School of India University, Bangalore

Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Law & Ethics (October 2018 - present)

PGDMLE was in my bucket list from medical school. Once I joined law school, my perception of law changed. I started understanding law as something dynamic and something that individuals can help reinterpret. Currently I am looking for a thesis topic.

Vivekananda Memorial Hospital, Saragur

Fellowship in HIV Medicine (August 2017 - July 2018)

SVYM rekindled my ambitions. I became a much better doctor here, learning from some of the best doctors I have ever met. The team here was incredible and I continue to be associated with them. I did a thesis project titled “Why do PLHIV fall sick in the era of ART” which was a qualitative project. The LaTeX version is online. I could manage anyone who came in through the emergency department door (and anyone who came out of pregnant ladies). I managed NICU (including CPAP), deliveries (including receiving newborns some of whom needed resuscitation), trauma (including patients who received ICD), reduction of fractures and dislocations, myocardial infarcts (my god, how many code blues!), bleeding pregnant ladies, severely asthmatic, COPD, sepsis, AIDS of the impossible to be alive stage. I did scores of lumbar punctures, pleural tapping, abdominal tapping. Did a few central line placements, FAST scans. Assisted scores of orthopaedic surgeries (and a few obstetric and general). Mentored medical interns from various medical schools. Managed nursing teams. Was the convenor of CPR committee. Drafted the ACS protocol. I also managed general medicine OPD on days when physician was not available. Did multiple case presentations (we had case presentations every week in grand rounds). I love SVYM (Vivekananda Memorial Hospital) for making me the doctor I am. I believe the year and half I spent here was equivalent to doing first year of postgraduation in Paediatrics, OBG, Medicine, and Surgery.

Mysore Medical College & Research Institute, Mysore

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (August 2011 - March 2017)

This is the place where I became an adult. I got disillusioned. I found love. I learned all sorts of things in medicine and programming. I learned a lot about people. I learned a lot about health. I met my mentors.

In the first year here I learned Kannada. I bought a cycle. I would run around Kukkarahalli Kere without stopping. I started my medical blog.

By second year I was volunteering at Kaliyuva Mane. I started a facebook group called talking about sex for what I believed required to be done against rape. I continued to read hundreds of blogs. I bought a better cycle. I applied for ICMR’s STS and got selected, but my study “Prevalence and pattern of sexual abuse in college going women in Mysore and its impact on their mental health” was not approved by my college’s ethics committee. My interest switched from neurology to research in cognitive science. I got attracted to a new style of quizzing. I also stopped giving a shit to my college.

In third year I became mozillian. I got attracted to the free software movement. I started contributing to various free software projects. Though I had given up on my college, I still did a lot of work in magazine club. I did “A study on the respiratory effects in road construction workers”. And I failed in two subjects (ENT and opthal, you freaks, how does knowing that help you?) of medical school.

In final year, everything was at their peak. I was talking to people about health, I was developing chat bots, I was becoming hard core free software promoter, I became the administrator of Mozilla India blog, I passed those third year subjects (after two night-outs. Really it is all it took and I didn’t do it the first time because of my firm belief that learning should not be just for exams). I got selected by Mozilla to attend leadership summit in London (and Singapore). But UK denied my visa and Singapore I had to skip because of clash with my university exams.

Right after my final year exam, I went on a one-month North India trip. I went to Rajasthan, Agra & Delhi, Uttarakhand, and then Bhutan through Siliguri. (Still have a few pending blog posts from this trip). And then internship started. It was dog work. Running around, doing things, running around, and more sleepless running arounds. I suppose I picked up quite a few practical skills during this time.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kannur

Senior Secondary School (June 2009 - March 2011)

The two years in Chinmaya were very very interesting. One, I started blogging prolifically because a few of my classmates expressed deep interest in what I write. Two, I started to get a larger perspective in life.

I was school leader in 12th standard. I would continue participating in sports and literary activities but the competition here was tougher. But I still represented my school in some quizzes and won many. I wanted to continue my love of maths, but I had joined T.I.M.E. for entrance coaching for medicine and kind of lost interest in maths. Did not score 100 in board exam. Neither did I in Physics (which had by then become my favourite). Got an entrance rank in 1000s and got into medical school in the first attempt.


Sree Sankara Vidya Peetham, Mattanur

Higher Secondary School, Upper Primary School, Lower Primary School (June 1999 - April 2009)

I was good in studies and was rank 1 in many classes. My friends were good too and it was always fierce competition for the best ranks. I would always end up with proficiency prize. Mathematics was my favourite subject with me getting 100/100 most times (including 10th standard board exam). My father had infused enough responsibility in me that I would help others learn too. I specifically remember sitting with a classmate in my home and teaching him how to add fractions on the days before exams in high school.

I was a scout. I was the school leader (on some days when the higher class students were absent). I used to be inspired, speak, and be on the front line in cleaning on Gandhi Jayanthi, Independence Day, and Republic Day. After school time, if I was not playing football I would have been in the library reading. When it came to cultural day, I would suddenly start practising singing, declamation, and writing. Once I represented my school in classical music at district level. Twice I represented my school in sports (including chess). And so many quizzes!

This is also the time I started loving computers. I was fascinated beyond words by ELIZA running in one computer of my school’s computer lab. I learned the basics of programming while in school. Around 8th standard I got a computer at home and that gave me superpowers.