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  • (Serious) Series Review: Black Mirror

    Apply Murphy’s law to everything that you use today or are going to use in a few years from now. Imagine the worst consequences. And imagine being helpless in the face of those. That’s Black Mirror for you. [...]
  • I am a Doctor Now

    What happens to you when you go to medical school for 5.5 years [...]
  • Google Direct

    Google Direct is a search generator which will help you search Google [...]
  • Daya Bai - An Inspiring Person Who Shatters Stereotypes

    Clothes differentiate humans, fortunately or unfortunately. Imagine a lady dressed like a tribal woman in an old sari, ornaments, and wrinkled face. Our brain makes a “natural” association between this woman and an illiterate woman. Now she starts talking in English about her experience or experiments in uplifting society. Your mind is blown, and that is Daya Bai [...]
  • GSoC Beginner's Handbook to Free Software

    Essential things about free software projects and communities that GSoC first timers should know [...]
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