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  • Leaflet.js and geojson with wrong order of latitude and longitude

    Leaflet and geojson might sometimes have issues because of a standards confusion. This is how to fix it [...]
  • Why Open Science

    A Classic Example of Why Open Science is the Best for Humankind [...]
  • Setting up a Newsletter

    After struggling for weeks I have been able to set up mailman and create lists for self-hosted newsletter [...]
  • Mixcloud

    Mixcloud is a good online radio service with lots of music [...]
  • Cost of Dengue Treatment

    This is a response to an article on health systems research calling the cost of dengue treatment in India too high [...]
  • An Instance of Chinese Whispers in Academic Writing

    Academic papers must be written with due regard to authenticity. When done in a hurry, there usually are errors that creep in. Like this one. [...]
  • Wake Up Scientists

    Professor K VijayRaghavan, principal scientific advisor to the government of India, gave an inspiring talk yesterday called “Science, the fulcrum for social and economic change” as part of the ongoing series of kaapi with kuriosity organized by the wonderful International Centre for Theoretical Sciences [...]
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