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  • Inserting ZWJ in LyX

    Zero-Width Joiner is a character used in languages like Malayalam and Persian to connect characters and form a complex character. LyX was giving me trouble in inserting those characters. This is how deep the rabbit hole goes [...]
  • Spreadhseet pro-tip: Using countifs over multiple columns

    Countifs is a extremely versatile formula that can be used in Google Sheets to generate frequency tables and proportions of complex interrelated data. This is a short introduction to the formula and the autofill properties that are required to make it work magic [...]
  • Getting Malayalam Support in LyX (XeTeX/LaTeX)

    How to type Malayalam in LaTeX using LyX [...]
  • i3 multi-monitor and xrandr

    i3 is my favourite window manager (and desktop environment). When I connect an external monitor or projector to my laptop, though, xrandr comes to the rescue on how they should work with each other [...]
  • Adding Malayalam language to Lyx

    Adding Malayalam language support to Lyx. Adding any language to lyx. [...]
  • What is Leadership?

    What is leadership? [...]
  • Open Peer Review

    What is peer review? What is open peer review? What is a good format for peer reviewing? [...]
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