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  • Simple Self-hosted Newsletter

    I have been trying really hard to get a simple, small, non-scalable, flat-file based mailing list going on for a long time now. This is a note of what I am building [...]
  • Reverse Sexism - Possible?

    What is reverse sexism? Can it exist? Can it not exist? [...]
  • Collaborative data exploration (in R)

    You have collected a lot of data (whatever be your field). You have done your own exploratory analyses on this and perhaps even published a few papers. What next? [...]
  • Anarchic Conferences

    Are there limits to what anarchic systems can do? Can an anarchic system organize an offline conference? [...]
  • Understanding Certbot

    Ever wished you did not have to struggle with certbot and could just understand how it works? This guide is for you. [...]
  • bspwm

    I have been a fan of i3 for a couple of years now. But today I heard about bspwm, took the plunge and has been extremely happy about the switch [...]
  • Intro to Live Coding

    Report on a live coding workshop I attended today [...]
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